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Bradgate Park Visitor Centre

Antomic Woodworking recently won the contract to fit out the exhibition space in the new visitor centre at Bradgate Park. Peter Tyldesley, who is a director of the Bradgate Park Trust, wanted to keep the project with local companies if possible, which was a great opportunity for smaller companies in Leicester. The Contracts manager being one of the few foreigners, Bill Gibbon from Goodrich Consulting in Northamptonshire! The company who carried out the base build alterations were Tanwood Construction, based in Blaby, The designer of the exhibition, concept /theme, was Jonathan Keight, of Creative Good, based in Leicester, The internal unitary build and installation, was Antomic Woodworking, based in Wigston, with Audio Visual work carried out by Heritage interactive, based in Melton Mowbray, the taxidermist is Wayne Pyle who is based in Coalville, Artwork design and Artwork, David Mitcheson, The – M based in Leicester, and graphic production by Brian Swann, QQD, based in Leicester. So this really has been a local contract, and it’s good to know we have all these specialities on our door step. Since the visitor centre opened, they have had over 20,000 visitors, which is a fantastic achievement. On Thursday 29th September the visitor centre was officially opened, by Sir David Attenborough. The exhibition takes you through the history of the park, from its volcanic start / Geology, to the First people, Iron age Britain, Old Settlement, The Story of Bradgate House, Bradgate Park in the 20th Century, The Park today, Ancient Oaks, and Swithland wood. There are hi - Tec interactives, in the shape of a touch screen monitor, and interactive portrait of Lady Jane Grey, giving the history of the Grey family, sounds of the park recording, a projection onto a high level screen, of a recent archaeological dig that has taken place within the grounds, and a projection, onto a back wall screen explaining the Geology of Bradgate. There are also Low Tec interactives, with a - build a timber frame, and copy the brick work pattern, also feely boxes, and quiz flaps. In the Flora and Fauna section, the public are also encouraged to touch the Stag – Fox – Badger – and Owl.

Bradgate Park


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